Thursday, May 19, 2011

I haven't forgotten!!!

Oh what a month it has been!

First, I had to prepare for our 7 day trip to New York & Boston.

Got back from that & our computer got a virus.

Yes, a virus. Not the sneezing, running nose kinda though, the kind that tries to wipe our your hard drive & steal all of your stuff. And yes, is was horrible not having our computer.

So while we were having that fixed & a week after getting back from NYC the woman that I hope, no I know, will soon be my future mother-in-law stayed with us for 10 days & it was truly a joy.

In between all that my Mother decides to get married & needs my help, of course.

So, I've been trying to recoop from all of that over the last 5 days & now I'm preparing for a girls weekend at the beach (Yippee!!) & after that a going away party for one of my best girlfriends. (Yipee!! for the party, sad to see my friend leave us). But good news! She's only leaving us for a month going to Italy to teach English to Italian children. Jealous much? too!

Is she an English teacher you ask? Why no, of course not. She's a Science Teacher.

What? That doesn't make sense to you?

Frankly it doesn't to me either. But more power to her, it's a great life experience!

So, with all that said, I think it's clear that my life has been a whirlwind & I have neglected Gone With the Whisk.

I've missed it.

I've missed you.

I can't wait to do a new post.

Fortunately with all my goings on I've collected a few good recipes to share with you & I will be back next week.

So stay tuned!


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