Monday, January 3, 2011

Just the beginning...

Hi there! Thank you for visiting & welcome to Gone With the Whisk. My name is Lesley, I'm from the south & embrace that in every way I can. I love to cook & this blog will be the story of my cooking adventures. The name of my blog comes from my style of cooking, which is southern (surprise, surprise) with a twist, & I don't bake much...yet. You'll find out more about the twist part & maybe the southern part & the part about me not baking much as you follow.

Like most folks that do this type of thing, cooking is one of my passions. I am self-taught through much trial & error & want to share that with the world! I know that sounds quite dramatic, but it's true. I started cooking on my own about 16 years ago & through the years I have watched my family members & friends, collected cookbooks (which I read as if it's a novel. if you don't believe me, ask my mother she does it too), watched many a cooking show & absorbed everything I possibly could to help me learn what I have. I'm certainly no expert & still have alot to learn but I'm here to share what I know with you & learn from you as well.

I follow several other blogs & one day the light went off & I thought "I can do that". So here I am. Here to share my Les'd-up recipes with you. Les'd-up is a term you may hear often. My boyfriend calls my food Les'd-up because I never can follow a recipe exactly. I always have to do something to make it my own, but I'm proud of that, it doesn't get me many complaints & in fact I get quite a bit of praise for my food. Not to mention, it has led me to this blog & I'm very excited to see where this goes.

Okay, enough about me, let's get to the food. You will soon see my first post. So stay tuned, there's lots more to come, this is just the beginning!

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